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Studio Kairos1947


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Sir Vito is a multi-purpose small table. Rounded shapes and variable height are the main features, as well as a small extractable tray it can be equipped with. The surface of the top, supported by an asymmetrical four-spoke die-cast aluminium base, gently flexes into the front of the tray, creating a naturally fluid form. The uniformity of the curve is also guaranteed by the movement of the tray, which is revealed by revolving on itself. The shaft conceals a convenient piston mechanism regulated by a ring nut that makes it easy to choose the height. This small detail expands the functions and uses of Sir Vito, which is suitable for any room, from the bedroom to the living room to the office, equally useful for placing a laptop, a book or a cocktail. Sir Vito is available in three versions. The first has a top and tray in ebony-stained frisé maple, a finish that enhances the nature of the wood by emphasising the grain and enhancing the perception of the precious nature of the material, with a structure in a bronzed nickel finish. The second features a single-colour painted top, tray and frame in different satin shades. The third combines the verve of the satin colours with the elegance of the bronzed nickel structure.