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Piero Lissoni1956


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Planck is a family of three small round tables designed by Piero Lissoni, united by shape and materials, but unique in character and personality. The structure gently widens as it descends from the top to the base, creating an elegant truncated cone shape. They have etched semi-transparent glass tops and lacquered bases that can be chosen from a number of satin or gloss colours, or with a sophisticated rosewood-effect finish. For each of the Planck coffee tables we notice a precise play of proportions; as the diameter widens the height decreases, creating a dynamic panorama. Thus, one can choose a large low coffee table, a medium version or a small service table. The latter holds a surprise as it is a version with a backlit top. A dedicated app will make it possible to adjust the intensity and warmth of the LED light, transforming it into an element capable of creating a pleasant atmosphere in the most diverse environments.