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Naoto Fukasawa1956


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A linear graphic character, with a strong functional impact, distinguishes Tetrami, the new collection of free-standing containers born from the creative flair of the Japanese master Naoto Fukasawa. The rectangle is the star element, as are the feet that unexpectedly materialize as vertical extensions of the two central partitions. The object is created thanks to the experience of expert cabinetmakers and is composed of extra thin wooden lists. Generously sized but not bulky, Tetrami is available in two heights. The taller model can be used as a sideboard, while the lower version can complement a sofa or double as a TV stand. Tetrami is available as an open cabinet or with drawers, making it a functional container. The grain and texture of ash make it an elegant and refined piece of furniture. The cabinets are also available in a two-tone version by combining the two ash tones for the finish of the outer and inner surfaces.