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Mario Bellini1935


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B&B Italia revisits the past with the new Softcage outdoor collection, which is inspired by a 1975 project by Mario Bellini, whose avant-garde vision opened new horizons in the use of rattan as a valuable material for furnishings, combining bold shapes and a timeless elegance. Today this iconic concept is reinterpreted through B&B Italia's lens of innovation to give life to a collection that preserves the magic of hand-crafted rattan and blends it with contemporary aesthetics. This new interpretation offers an unparalleled experience of comfort and style for outdoor spaces thanks to a highly sophisticated cage structure composed of 45 mm sections and 18 mm rods. The load-bearing structure boasts gentler and more ergonomic shapes thanks to the base under the seat and the backrest, both inclined and suspended. The new collection consists of a sofa in two sizes and an armchair, all with a rattan structure offered in different colours. The range of colours and fabrics allows you to personalize outdoor spaces with a touch of elegance and functionality.