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Piero Lissoni1956


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Assiale is a table that stands out for its essential design, strongly distinctive presence and contemporary character. It is offered in two versions: extendable and fixed. Characteristic of the extendable version is the special extension system that allows the size of the table to be enlarged by simply sliding the top. Thanks to this system, the 210 cm top extends up to 294 cm, while the 250 cm top reaches 334 cm, thus adapting to different space and usage requirements. The table in the extendable version is available with a glossy or satin lacquered finish in all the colours  of the B&B Italia’s collection. The table in the fixed version, in two sizes with a 250 cm and 294 cm top, is made of Levanto red marble that gives it a monumental appearance while maintaining the essentiality of the design.


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