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Narinari is a small armchair with a very unusual shape, which catches the eye with its originality and innovation. A seat that embodies the talent of the young designers behind the project, the result of their first collaboration with B&B Italia: Tiziano Guardini, with experience as a fashion designer, and Luigi Ciuffreda, known for his collaboration with various architecture and design studios. Upholstered in raw cut felt, with meticulous detailing and finishing, Narinari is reminiscent of a silhouette folded like origami, a seat with continuous shapes that derive from two surfaces that chase each other, defining volumes in a soft yet decisive manner. This fusion of the organic and the digital reflects the contemporary context of strong contradictions, where the classic merges with the futuristic, making Narinari a small armchair with a strongly distinctive character, a unique and recognisable presence in B&B Italia’s collection.