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Antonio Citterio1950


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Technology, elegance, ergonomics and comfort. An absolute icon of the modern furniture tradition, combining innovative technology and sophisticated craftsmanship, the Diesis sofa has become an essential element in the history of design. The precisely defined metal load-bearing structure combines with the seat, back and armrests in the shape of soft padded cushions covered in fabric or leather. Other details, such as the comb-shaped back in harmonic steel covered in leather, the cast brass parts and the leather, which is micro-perforated for aeration, have all become characteristic decorative elements denoting the careful attention dedicated to this product and its strong personality. Its utmost elegance even when seen from the back, with its leather upholstered backrest, means it can be placed at the centre of the room. Distinctive features and technological materials make Diesis a long-lasting product that meets the most sophisticated international taste. Comfort is guaranteed by soft padding.



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